OTS - Open Technology Services


OTS was founded in 1993 to realize a vision: the modernization of public administration. Technology would be the means, and tangible results the objective. Our remit is to provide high-quality, integrated IT solutions – putting in place the infrastructure for a flexible and effective public administration that will meet the increased demands of the modern citizen.

Combining expert knowledge, responsibility and the power of technology, we design products focused always on the
best interests of the individual and the community. Our objective is to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders. The strategic parameters that differentiate us from other enterprises in the same field are the profound knowledge and our specialized solutions tailored to every market sector, our excellent quality-cost ratio, the reliability of our products and the superb quality of our services.

Since 1993, we have been playing an active and important role in all stages of computerization of the public sector, from the very first phase to the current stage of relative maturity, making a vital contribution to the penetration of information technology in government departments and services. In 1994, we developed and
installed the first Financial Management application in a public-sector organization, and in 2004 we set up the country’s first Inter-Municipal IT System for Computerized Public Services.