What are my obligations as an INVENT client?
Well, this really depends on you. What is absolutely necessary is to write a short description of the project idea that you have and have an initial kick off meeting with INVENT students in the beginning of the project. In that meeting requirements will be discussed. Finally you have a final meeting in which the product will be demonstrated.
There are no further formal obligations. If you would like however to spend more time for the projects and further guide the students during the development process, this is more than welcome, and probably the results will be better.

What type of projects do you undertake?
Nowadays, most of the projects we are working on are Web-based applications. However we can develop any kind of application, as you may notice from our project portfolio.

I am interested to collaborate with INVENT. Whom should I contact?
Send an email to dranidis@city.academic.gr.
In a few lines describe your company and your project idea.