RFID e-ticketing

The project involves the development of the software needed for the database back-end (a windows application for viewing & editing the database entries) for keeping a list of valid or blacklisted tickets. Additionally, the front-end software for communicating with the RFID card (ticket) must be also implemented. The ticketing application (front-end) will communicate with the back-end (database) server using TCP/IP.
The ticketing application will handle all transactions with the card, retrieving its ID and any stored data in the card’s internal memory. The validity of the card will be checked against the database and a single-trip fare will be virtually charged. The fare collection will be stored in the database for cross-reference. The remaining amount will be stored in the card for future use. The “virtual” ticket validation device will be a commercial desktop RFID reader based on the MIFARE protocol, which supports communication also with NFC-enabled devices (e.g. mobile phones). A full SDK and all necessary communication protocols with the reader are available for the development phase.

Year: 2012 (Other projects from the same year)