The Psychology Department of City College decided that they wanted a more modern and flexible way to communicate with people around the world so it can provide free psychological support to whoever needs it. An easy way to implement this idea is the following: users sent a message to the e-help team and from there postgraduate students from the psychology field receive those and respond. The advisors are under the supervision of an academic professor’s team in order to make sure that all the responds are in the correct direction. The roles that appeared at the system are: administrator, coordinator, supervisor, advisor and advisee. The process is easy and I performed after the sequence of the following steps: * The advisee, completing the appropriate form, sends a message to the “e-help” team. * The coordinator receives the message changes the information that regarding advisee’s personal data and assigns the response of the message to an advisor and a supervisor. * The advisor asked to answer the message and after that sends the message with the answer to the supervisor. * The supervisor checks the answer and gives a feedback or gives some instructions about how should the advisor reformat the answer. * The advisor makes the changes and sends the edited message to the supervisor. When the supervisor approves the message, sends the final answer to the coordinator. * The coordinator checks the whole result and sends the answer to the advisee. The system also saves some messages at an archive, where the visitors of the site can find in chronological order some older messages. The advisee has the opportunity to refuse the message’s publication. The e-help system will be an online service, thus is available for all users around the world. The system supports English and Greek language for the navigation and with a small procedure they can cite any problem concerning, economic, medical or about relationships.

Year: 2012 (Other projects from the same year)