Welcome to INVENT!

INVENT is run by CITY College students. INVENT develops for its clients software solutions free of charge.

Our vision is to provide:

timely, innovative and high quality solutions!


Providing services to charity organizations

We are proud to announce that CITY College and INVENT, driven by their committment to social responsibility, have decided to provide software and IT services support to charity institutions. This initiative aims at offering INVENT services free of charge to organizations serving the public interest via the development of software such as the organization's web site.

Benefits for ...

... companies

  • participate and gain experience in projects, which use state of the art methodologies and techniques for the solution of problems. For example: object-oriented analysis and design (e.g. using UML) and development process models that go beyond the traditional life cycle model (e.g. the rational unified process, extreme programming, etc).
  • experiment with high-risk projects (for which the company risk for failure is high and the benefit is unclear).
  • contact/hire tomorrow’s professionals.

... students

The participation in the Industrial Project contributes greatly to the profile of a graduate, in terms of skills and knowledge. Students have the chance to work in a real environment, follow a disciplined process and deal with the problems that arise. They also become familiar with the common practice followed in the industry. Skills developed within the process of the Industrial Project are:

  • effective communication
  • working in teams and distributing tasks between team-members
  • ability to manage real-world problems
  • managing time-pressure and working under deadlines
  • managing risk