City College


CITY College is the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Bridging the UK with the South East and Eastern Europe, CITY College offers to students the unique opportunity to study for a top class British degree of the University of Sheffield in their region.

CITY College was founded in 1989 in Thessaloniki. Through its 20-year operation it has been established as one of the best educational institutions across South East Europe.

In 2009 CITY College started its operation as the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. It is the 6th faculty of the British University and the only one located overseas. The University of Sheffield is not simply cooperating with CITY College since it is an integral part of the University. It is the first time for a College outside the UK to become ‘Faculty’ of a British University and this development is unique for the international academic standards. CITY College’s operation status is the result and reward of a long-standing and exceptionally successful cooperation between the two institutions on delivering quality higher education not only in Greece but also in the broad region of South East Europe.

CITY College’s lively academic community comprises students and highly qualified faculty members from more than 15 countries. This unique mixture adds even more to the overall CITY College/Sheffield learning experience in a truly unique international environment. 


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