At the beginning of the 70's, when Information Technology (IT) was still unknown to the business world of Northern Greece, MECHANOLOGISTIKI dared to invest in the most advanced technology of that time, to conduct training of personnel and to establish the first and biggest Computer Service Bureau, undertaking IT projects for banks, large institutions and enterprises, providing its own-developed software applications.

In the 80's, MECHANOLOGISTIKI installed the first private on-line system in Greece, continued the development of software applications and expanded its activity to include to hardware sales as a Hewlett – Packard Value Added Reseller.

In the 90's, the era of "information society", the company under the new name "Logismos" undertakes the vital role of IT strategic partner and consultant to businesses. In this new phase, the company maintains its leading IT Market position based on cumulated experience, infrastructure, highly skilled personnel and most important to its' customers confidence gained throughout the years. 

Today Logismos, utilizing the most recent technologies, develops and supports:

1. Business Software based on its ERP backbone "Momentum ERP".

2. Software applications for Casino Management Systems (CMS)

The Company is also active in the field of Systems Integration.